Company Profile

BioResources International, Inc. (BRI) is an emerging biochemical company dedicated to the commercial development of high value natural products from tropical plants for applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dietary supplement, food and cosmetics industries. BRI is engaged in bioprospecting, bulk sourcing and export of African botanicals to major extractors and offshore processors who isolate active ingredients for manufacture of dietary supplements, natural foods and personal care products.

Some of the botanical materials include Griffonia simplicifolia seeds containing 5-Hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP) used for depression and weight loss; Pycnanthus angolensis nuts containing kombo butter for myristic oleate as an anti-inflammatory agent and Richardella dulcifica berries containing taste-masking agent, Miraculin.


Value-chain analysis of most African botanicals shows that raw material supply contributes generally less than 5% of the end product value. BRI aspires to move up the value chain to become a more effective player in the global natural product market. Its major business thrust is the use of value-added technologies to enhance local raw materials for export as well demonstrate the economic potential of African biodiversity.

Founded in 1990 by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs, BRI is headquartered in New Jersey (USA) and maintains field operations in Ghana ( West Africa ) through its local subsidiary, BRI (GH) Limited. The US location serves as the international market outlet for BRI export products.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the company is to become a leading biotechnology company that derives value from biodiversity and promotes conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for economic development.

BRI mission is to exploit raw botanical materials available on the African continent using value-added technologies to convert into active ingredients required in the pharmaceutical, food, specialty chemical and cosmetics industries.

Business Strategy

BRI pursues a strategy of prospecting and commercial development of unique natural products using value-added technologies. BRI programs range from the prospecting stage and bulk sourcing of raw materials to processing into finished products

BRI's scope of activities spans the entire value chain from farm development and cultivation through to retail of finished products. The activities consist of (a) bioprospecting, bulk raw material supply and procurement (b) farm and outgrower development(c) process technology and application development (d) formulation and packaging and (e) sales and export marketing.

Social Responsibility

BRI's primary goal is to demonstrate from a broader perspective the potential for stimulating export-oriented economic growth based on biodiversity as a resource in developing countries.  The country benefits from the foreign exchange returns gained from export marketing of its products.  BRI's business stimulate socio-economic growth through the use of local agricultural raw materials which provide new cash crops to benefit rural communities and farmers.

BRI's strategy contributes to technological advancement and industrial development by employing core technologies of the biotechnology industry, with potential spin-offs for local processing of other high-value products from agricultural raw materials.  In order to strengthen capacity building, BRI has already involved local scientists and technologists in several functions of its business.

BRI's business practices fall in line with the goals of the UN Biodiversity Treaty relating to biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, technology transfer, intellectual property rights as well as fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources.