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Freeze-dried extract of berries of miracle fruit ( Richardella dulcifica ) cultivated and processed in Ghana, West Africa. Extract contains active principle, Miraculin, glycoprotein of molecular weight: 28,000 daltons. Miraculin consists of 191 amino acids with carbohydrate residues (13% wt). Isoelectric point of miraculin is pH 9.0.

Functional Properties: Miraculin has the unusual property to impact a pleasant sweetness to sour and acidic tasting foods. Sweetness lingers for hours.

Uses: As taste-modifier in citrus fruits, vegetables, processed foods, beverages, confectionery and medicines.

Taste Test: For quick test of taste activity, place a few granules of freeze-dried extract of miracle fruits in contact with tongue for a minute to dissolve. Try a slice of lemon, lime, grapefruit, wine or dilute vinegar. Note pleasant taste sensation in the mouth particularly at the back of the tongue which persists for a few hours.

Storage: Freeze-dried miraculin is stable at 4 ° C for several months.


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